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Medical Thermography Membership

PACT offers memberships to all thermography professionals to advance their learning through continuing education and affiliation. Patients understand the need for quality assurance in medical thermography.

Our members undergo rigorous training and re-training as the world of medical thermology changes. New advances are being made daily in the understanding of wellness. Our instructors have formed the greatest network of all systems to bring the mastermind of knowledge to our patients. When you become a member you are doing more than joining the organization, you are becoming part of a community who all share the same interests and goals. This membership organization is the reason we are able to expand awareness of thermography and its benefits. If you care about making a difference in the world then you can reach that goal by joining this non-profit organization.
PACT believes it is necessary to improve the health of the nation. It is extremely important as a team to inform the people of the world about thermography and how it can save lives. By becoming a member you are joining a team of technicians who want to spread the knowledge of thermography and help people detect problems as early as possible. Members of this organization have more direct involvement in benefiting the people of the world. We lead by example in a professional manner to get out this vital information. As a team our mission is to create, promote, and maintain high scientific standards for medical thermal imaging regarding practice, research, thermography education, and thermography certification.
Advances in thermography are being made every day so it is important to stay up to date about the latest information and advancements. Members work together and help each other as a team to make sure those advancements are known and spread to other people who should be aware of the new found knowledge. Once a member of this organization you are part of a community of people who all strive towards the same PACT missions together.

Membership Benefits

  • First hand knowledge of new information in thermology
  • Make a difference by getting involved in the work that matters to you
  • Access to recent information and technology
  • Gain better knowledge to increase personal practice and career
  • Opportunities to help spread awareness in order to save lives
  • Can be added to resumes
  • Annual continuing education

Membership Requirements

  • Must be a Certified Thermographic Technician (CTT) or Board Certified Clinical Thermologist
  • Must attend annual continuing education online
  • Must contribute to our journal with case studies

Membership Expectations

  • Create, promote and maintain high scientific standards for medical thermal imaging regarding practice, research, thermography educations, and thermography certification
  • Work together as part of a team to accomplish PACT missions
  • Understand the duties and responsibilities of PACT
  • Participate in the monthly mastermind meetings
  • Be supportive and understanding of other members ideas and/or decisions

Membership Fee

  • $99 per year for PACT certified members

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