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Thermography Training


We provide flexible learning with a simple and proven system that allows students to learn at their own pace. Courses are available online, at our training facility, or at your place.

Interpreters: 1 Year Internship

  • 4 Days Internship
  • Online Daily Readings



New! Online Classes ON DEMAND

We now offer the Introduction to Thermology Class online for your convenience.

    Online classes on demand
  • Take Course at Your Pace from anywhere in the world

Your Location

  • We train you at your location.
  • Great option for those who have a large staff to train.
  • Course fee plus travel

Technicians: 4 Day Internship

  • We offer a 4 day internship at our training facility for those who would like to accelerate learning.
  • Take this after the Online Intro


Step 1--INTRO

A 12-hour course designed to introduce both prospective technicians and doctors to Medical Thermology and PACT standards. The course includes the history of thermology, thermography physics, medical uses, anatomy, breast imaging, full body analyses, and patient protocols and positioning. This course may also be used as cross over training for technicians of other systems to join PACT. See syllabus below.

Course Outline:
History of Thermography
Thermographic Science
Human Physiology
Breast Anatomy
Lymphatic System Physiology
Breast Pathology
Identifying Pathological Processes
Full Body Thermography Breast Thermography
Skin Cancer
Dental Thermography
Introduction to Thermographic Interpretation
Patient Positioning & Protocols
Setting up Your Exam Room
Review of Current Equipment*
Proper Camera Use
Case Studies
Research Review

Step 2 : Choose Your Area of Specialty

Certified Thermographic Technician (CTT)

Designed for the non-physician to work as a technician in their own lab or working for another facility; or a doctor who wants to submit exams for interpretation.


After completing the 12 hour intro class you qualify to begin learning to take images for interpretation by PACT Certified interpreters. You may want to purchase a thermography system of your own to operate in this training section, or establish a relationship with a thermographic center for employment. Please see us first for qualified systems.

This course uses a combination of one-on-one training, webinars, and self study methods as necessary.

After completing the introduction course those desiring to pursue certification as a technician must complete the following prior to certification:

  • Train on your system that you buy from one of our recommended manufacturers system or a center that you have arranged to work with.
  • Attend the Annual December PACT CE Course
  • Take 2 Online Webinars of 3 hours each
  • Submit 50 examinations approved by PACT
  • Pass an examination on all information provided within the one-year period

Tuition: $495


Designed for physicians who wish to perform in office screenings on their patients for breast pathologies and to promote general breast health. At the end of this program you will be able to recognize normal versus abnormal patterns in the breast, neck, and abdomen. You will be permitted to use a PACT interpretation service if needed. The course is taught on a one-on-one hands on course. It can be directed towards your area of interest.

Taught by Drs. Piana and Sepper.

12 Hours


Tuition: $1950

Pain Management and Neurology

This is a class designed for physicians who wish to perform screenings on patients for neurology and pain management purposes. By the end of this course you will be able to implement thermography as a physiological tool for pain origin and neurological assessment. The course is taught on a one-on-one hands on course. It can be directed towards your area of interest.

Taught by Drs. Piana and Sepper

12 Hours


Tuition: $1950

Chiropractic, Physical Therapists, Acupuncturists

This is a class designed for practitioners who wish to perform screenings on their patients for biomechanical assessment and neurology. There will also be focus on trigger point management and acupuncture, as well ad case management. The course is taught on a one-on-one hands on course. It can be directed towards your area of interest.

Taught by Dr. Piana.

12 Hours


Tuition: $1950

Dental Thermography Technician Certification

This program allows hygienists and dentists to utilize new technology to integrate full body health through oral wellness. The certification course includes the introduction course listed above, as well as this specialty course. This specialty course will be performed at your clinic. We will help you set up the equipment and optimized it for dental evaluation.


Course Description:

  • Dental Thermography Introduction
  • System Setup
  • Patient Positioning
  • Learn how to locate areas of concern and clinically correlate findings
  • Taking quality thermal images
  • Proper thermal protocols
  • Hands on imaging with Infrared Camera Equipment
  • Dentist: Dental Interpretation
  • Hygienist: How to send out for dental interpretation

Tuition: $1995.00 per Office (Up to 2 dentists and 2 hygienists)

12 Hours



This is a class designed for practicing doctors who wish to perform thermographic biomechanical assessment of the feet, . The course is taught on a one-on-one hands on course. It can be directed towards your area of interest.

Taught by Dr. Piana . Currently recruiting a Podiatrist to help educate others. Contact us.

12 Hours


Tuition: $1950


This is a class designed for practicing Naturopaths who wish to perform systemic screening to evaluate wellness and response to treatment. Focus on inflammation, toxicity, and functional medicine. The course is taught on a one-on-one hands on course. It can be directed towards your area of interest.

Taught by Dr. Piana.

12 Hours


Tuition: $1950

Step 3 : Further Your Education

Board Certified Clinical Thermologist

Prerequisite: Introduction to Thermology, License to Diagnose human diseases (MD, DC, DO, ND); Specialty Certification

Tuition: $19,995

This course is designed for doctors (MD, DC, ND, DO) looking to perform interpretations for others.

This is an in depth one-year program. You will need to study online with our instructors on a daily basis. You will perform a minimum of 500 exams. We start you off by performing phone consultations with patient whose reports are written by other thermologists so you may get the flow of how it works. After reading many of these you will then be trained in writing reports of your own. .

Diplomate Clinical Thermologist

Diplomate candidates must have a minimum of 2 years as a Board Certified Clinical Thermographer, show proficiency in the science of thermography, and prepare a research project approved by the Board. An examination will be administered. All Diplomates will be recognized officially and be required to make a presentation at all annual conventions, as well as write articles for publication.

Fellowship entitlement is offered to those who have significantly contributed to the progression of thermal imaging, and have been recognized and approved by the PACT Board of Directors. If you feel you have contributed significantly to the thermographic community, or know someone who has, please contact us for nomination.

    Current Fellows:
  • Peter Lang, MD
  • Anthony Piana, DC
  • Alexander Sepper, MD, PhD
  • Marcos Brioschi, MD, PhD