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Our Interpretation Process

We offer a thermography interpretation service with all reports undergoing a three step interpretation process, as each is analyzed by 3 separate interpreters. All final reviews are analyzed by Senior Interpreter Alexander Sepper, MD, Ph.D

Full body reports evaluate the surface heat symmetry of the body and how it relates to prospective health concerns of the patient. PACT standards are applied to all images and recommendations will be made. Although breast thermography is a strong focus, we evaluate the body as a whole. Patients may choose breast only, full body, or modified exams.

Patients will have the opportunity to discuss the reports with one of our interpreting doctors.

Compare Thermography Reports

Before buying in to any system you must look at the reports you will receive when you have a real life patient.

Ask these questions of other interpretation companies:

Will the patient feel like they received value?

Is there anyone to explain the results to the patient?

Is the report scientifically sound?

How many interpreters read each report?

These are all very important considerations. Many interpreting systems use the same report to fit all their patients. There are some reports that we have seen that seem to be written only to sell buckets of supplements for fictitious findings.

Each one of our reports is customized to the patient. Patients are more likely to become a lifetime user of our technology if they see value in the service. Many of our patients have had lives saved because we are doing our job, and we take pride in that. We believe that the greatest function we can serve is in the area of general wellness and breast health.

Understanding thermography can be frustrating so it is important to know how to handle questions to make sure they get the correct answers they need. Reports will be viewed by a staff of doctors based on your findings. Our senior interpreter, Dr. Alexander Sepper, will review all other doctors’ comments and impressions. Full body reports will evaluate the surface heat symmetry of the body and how it relates to prospective health concerns of the patient.

Results will be ready within seven days. We are currently working to have results in less than 3 days.

Our Thermography Reports Address the Following:

Screening for Breast Cancer

Fibrocystic Breast Rating

Cerebrovascular Function

Abdominal Inflammation

Thyroid Function

Nerve Issues

Location of Inflammation


Vascular Conditions

Oral Inflammation